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Moon Over Man ( Reunion Edition ) / Dave Sinclair

Dave Sinclair's first solo album was initially recorded as a collection of demo songs back in 1976. After recording, the tapes lay dormant in the attic of Dave's house for many years, until the Voiceprint company released them on a cd in 1993.
But the sound quality was not very good, the tapes being in poor condition.

In 2006, a sound engineer, Yuji Endo, assigned to the Aadbeg company, did some great work in cleaning up the sound, and Eclectic Discs re-released the album as 'Moon Over Man - The 30th Anniversary Edition' in the same year.
But not long after this, the record company ceased trading, and the album became unavailable again.
However, during this time, Yuji Endo had continued repairing and improving the master tapes, until he was completely satisfied that they were as good as he could get them.

For the front cover, some amazing original artwork was created by Jim Morton using traditional Japanese methods. Jim was also responsible for creating the 'Stream' and 'En-Circle' masterpieces, on two more of Dave's albums, which are soon to be released.

An additional bonus track, a new recording of 'Wanderlust', will be included in this release. As well as Dave on Keys, this track also features original musicians Tim Lynk and John Murphy.

On top of all this, original vocalist Gay Perez has written the new sleeve notes.

So now, the Crescent label will release the 'Moon Over Man' album as the newest and finest edition.

This new 'Reunion' version will be available in the first half of 2011.

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